25 thoughts on “Home Office Garden Room”

  1. This is truly a great addition to anybody’s garden, looks lovely, was it
    expensive as I wouldn’t mind have one myself 8~}

  2. 3-4 days build, 2 x joiners wages £950, timber £500, insulation £400, roof
    £300, cedar clading £350, electrician £500, plaster board £100, bi fold
    doors £1000, misc £500. total cost approx £4000 – £5000. customer probably
    being invoiced for £10,000 – £13,000 lol mark up on these things are a
    joke. £5k-8k profit for 3 days work. Im in the wrong game!

  3. Built to rot. Set down into mud and not on post or footing of any kind. The
    cement anchors are nice but wood set in mud rots.

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  5. I would have liked to see the inside after it was completed. That would
    have made a good video a ‘great’ video.

  6. I think that after few years isolations wont be working at all, the wooden
    frame will have some movements during the seasons and there will apear gaps
    between isolation blocks..

  7. I’m very disappointed with this video. I was hoping a cyclops would come
    round the corner and everyone would run off screaming as it chased them.

  8. I like this design – I am in the USA and can’t understand the concept
    behind the 20 holes with concrete above the frost line – can you tell me
    how that is better than 6 supports (corners and midspan) that go below
    frost line and attach with regular hardware ?

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